ACA certified Lead Pro Canyon Guides are individuals who have attained and demonstrated a high level of technical competence through rigorous training and examination that meets and exceeds international standards. For prospective clients and students, ACA certification provides a decisive tool for choosing the right guide/instructor to help them achieve their objectives.

Lead Pro Canyon Guides have successfully passed the ACA’s  6-day Lead Guide Assessment.

Lead Pro Canyon Guide -- Step by Step

1. Must be current Single Site Guide or Assistant Canyon Guide or ACA Canyon Leader.

2. Create and maintain your member profile on the ACA's website.

3. Pass the ACA's Lead Pro Guide Assessment both in and out of canyons.

4. Submit a Canyon Resume on profile that reflects the following:

  • minimum of 100 canyon descents
  • minimum of 20 unique canyons descended
  • minimum of 30 canyons descended in which you performed in a lead role
4. Submit the appropriate First Aid / CPR certification (WFR for USA)

How long does Lead Pro Guide designation last?

Lead Pro Guide designation is valid for three years, provided you (1) keep your member profile current on the ACA's website, (2) Participate in 16 hours of continuing education / training. (3) Must hold a valid WFR certification.

What people are saying …

"I learned more ropework in 6 days with Rich than I learned in 25 years of climbing. Thank you for introducing me to the world of canyoneering." --Tom Jones

May 28, 2015

"Phenomenal teacher, phenomenal training! I highly recommend this training for any canyoneer, whether beginner or experienced.”

May 28, 2015

"Rich has a passion for teaching simplicity, efficiency, and most of all, safety while traversing through the beauty of our Colorado Plateau slot canyons. His humility and humor offset his directness in dealing with misconceptions and outright dangerous methodologies."

August 18, 2015

"I'm so glad I went! I felt like I was learning from the source of knowledge on canyoneering. Really, Rich teaches guides and rescue teams. Instead of me going to a guide, who was probably trained by Rich, I was able to learn from the source! That really shows when he would explain the different techniques/views and how those have changed over time and why. I felt like I was well trained in canyoneering, and also given a depth of understanding that I couldn't get anywhere else. I would highly recommend Rich's classes!"

June 1, 2015

"Rich is a wealth of knowledge in his field. His funny, open-hearted teaching style is welcomed by all students. I felt more prepared going forward in my own canyoneering. I look forward to learning more from him."

May 28, 2015

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