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Need-To-Know Canyon Knots
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Check out some of the canyon knots, hitches and bends you need to know from’s article 7 climbing knots you need to know. Don’t leave home without them. EURO DEATH KNOT What... Read More

Wilderness Navigation Basics
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There are many parts to wilderness navigation, but four tools stand out as being the most important. First, a good topographical map. Second, a compass. Third, an altimeter. And fourth a GPS unit.... Read More

Comfort Zone
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Topick.Hket Ok, so none of us here can read Chinese either. But we do know what this article is about. Our students in Hong Kong are committed to using canyoneering as a vehicle... Read More

Icy Swiftwater Rescue Practice
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Michael Short’s “Let’s Go Outdoors” joins some Canadian Fish & Wildlife officers as they practice swift water rescue skills in the Athabasca River with Joe Storms. Joe is an ACA certified Pro Canyon... Read More

ACA Guides in Japan
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The ACA’s Rich Carlson traveled to Hakuba Japan in May to train canyon guides from Japan, Australia and the UK. All of the students passed the required assessment for certification as Fixed Site... Read More

Webbing Knotcraft

In this video ACA Instructor, Rich Carlson shows a variety of ways to tie and rig webbing on single-point anchors to address issues that include position, redundancy, strength, efficiency and equalization. Rich also... Read More

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