2023 ACA Schedule Information

Dominica, July 2022.
Howdy ACA Members-
The 2023 ACA Schedule for Training, Assessments and Events is posted!  It is full of opportunities to gain skills and help others do the same.   We’ve added some new items and new locations too, please take a look and see what’s coming up for 23’.  2023 SCHEDULE CLICK HERE
***The free Workshop schedule is coming together and will be posted Feb 15, 2023.  Until completed, we will post workshops individually on our meetup page.
Here’s what’s New in 2023
-Formal ACA Instructor and Assessor Certifications:  Our Volunteers have dedicated many years to mastering the craft of Instructing and Assessing.  We want to harness this knowledge and formalize the process of becoming certified in these highly important ACA roles. These certifications will help maintain continuity and consistency as the ACA continues to grow.  The schedules and prerequisites will be announced February, 15th.
-ACL “In Canyon” Assessment:  Our Canyon Leader assessments held in Escalante last year were well received and proven quite successful. This year we are ready to bring the ACL Assessment to Escalante to evaluate Technical and Leadership skills in a canyon environment.   More commitment, but we feel it’s worth it.
Assessment Fees:  We are implementing a fee for ACL and CL assessments. This is purely to help offset some of the Assessors associated financial costs.  Rates are the following:  ACL $100.  CL $150.  IF this is an obstacle, we will find a way to mitigate that….easily.   We don’t want money to ever hold up a persons potential, student nor assessor.  Money is “easy”.
-Class C training in the Pacific North West:  To aid our ACA Members as they continue expanding their skill sets, we have been diligently focused on creating a reliable source for ACA Class C training, ….. and now we can oblige.  Two of our very talented ACA Pro Guides have relocated to the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and will be offering training near Portland, plus workshops and an Aspirant assessment in the Seattle area.  (Dates announced soon)
-ACA Class C Core Skills:  A focused Class C “Core” list to use as the framework for a future path into more advanced levels of this training.   The Core is under review by respected peers and will be the course curriculum to get things started.  Will post when complete, such an exciting moment on our training path.
-Dominica Fest:  Similar to our efforts in Honduras, it’s all about training locals, volunteering to help youth and seeing beautiful canyons.  This event will be open to ACL’s, CL’s and Pros.  Dates, Nov 3rd-6th, 2023.  (Details and sign up info soon)
-Honduras, Second Location:  During this year’s trip to Rawacala, we met a group of enthusiastic adventurers from another region of the country.  They are talented and generous, with a mission quite similar to our own… the promotion of education, safety through training and fun.  We are beginning coordination for a get together.  Dates are Feb 1st-6th, 2024.
-Pacific Northwest Canyoneering Meet and Greet:  A small gathering to meet canyoneers from the region, see beautiful places and spend quality canyon time together.  Dates, July 28th-30th, 2023.  Details and sign up info soon.
Well, once again, that’s it for now!  2023 here we come, lots of good stuff ahead.  Stay strong, stay smart, have fun.
Safe Travels,                                           
Rick Green
EoE Owner/Guide
ACA President