ACA Skills Checklists Refinement

The American Canyoneering Association has just completed refining the Skills Checklists for 2020!  This is part of our ongoing effort to contribute to the expansion of knowledge, training resources, and the overall safety of canyoneers around the world. These refinements were made possible through close collaboration and with direct input from ACA Guides, Instructors, Canyon Leaders, Membership, and friends of the ACA. We would like to express our appreciation for and graciously thank all who provided input/feedback during this process.

We will be releasing a new checklist per day, beginning with Core and finishing with Canyon Leader 2, thus tonight we are releasing the Core Skills Checklist tonight.

The Core Skills Checklist is designed for those seeking entry level canyoneering skills.  It encompasses the essential individual skills required for technical canyon descents, plus empowers with the general canyoneering knowledge necessary to understand your surroundings and make informed choices to ensure safety.

The Core Skills Checklist can be found here:

Lastly, on Monday April 28 we will introduce our updated Professional Level Guide program and checklists, including the new Assistant Guide Certification.  We are excited to share this level of in-depth training and certification with those seeking a profession as a commercial canyoneering guide.


Safe travels to all,
Rick Green