Guide.Leader.Aspirant.Rendezvous 2022 / GLAR

Howdy ACA GLAR 22’ Attendees-  Hopeful that everyone has arrived home safely.  Well, it has been another safe and successful GLAR, and I want to send a quick thanks out to all  who contributed.  Which is all of you.  Bringing together that many talented people in a remote location, working together in harmony towards the common goal of improving safety…its a pretty special thing when accomplished….and that is exactly what we did.  Nice work!

The ACA Instructors generous gifts of both time and knowledge is extraordinary on many levels, and we are incredibly fortunate to have such kind people on our Team.  Instructors rock!  The Attendees were attentive, super helpful and generous as well, offering to assist others in their endeavor to become stronger and smarter canyoneers.  What a very nice thing to be around.

Including just a few quick photos of the fun on then ACA FaceBook.
Safe Travels,                                          
Rick Green
EoE Owner/Guide
ACA President