Assistant Canyon Leader


Howdy Team ACA. Hope this note finds all well. This message is to ensure there is no confusion or ambiguity regarding the change from “CL1″ to “Assistant Canyon Leader” title.  Here’s the short and sweet version of the previous super lengthy blog on the topic:

Why Change It:

The “Canyon Leader 1″ title, was not completely accurate.  At the “CL1″ level of training, we have not provided the skills training and needed to manage group and personal safety adequately.  Nor can we “squeeze it in”. The addition of the word “Assistant” clears this up.

What it Means:

If you have successfully completed the “CL1” Assessment OR are in the Assessment process, the following applies to you:

  • Nothing whatsoever is required of you.
  • The change is in name only.
  • Leadership level skill lists and assessments are the same.
  • Sequencing of training is the same.
  • Duties and responsibilities are unchanged.

What we will be changing:  We are significantly increasing the number of workshops and courses focused on preparation for “Canyon Leader” Assessment.

Questions?  Suggestions?  Please reach out, we are here to serve the whole Community!  More fun ahead:)


Rick Green

ACA President