ACA Goals

At our Fall 2017 Guide/Leader/Aspirant Rendezvous, I asked our group of 17 canyoneers some basic questions about their involvement with the ACA. It was in the form of a questionnaire with the usual stuff like “What do you like about the ACA? What would you like to see more of / less of?”, etc. I understand that this is a very small sample group, but their time and commitment to canyoneering gave us some valuable insight into the ACA experience. I have combined their information with what I have learned through emails, phone calls, and “trail talks” to compile a short but important list of goals to begin working toward. A special thanks to all who shared your ideas, suggestions, and opinions. We all benefit from your knowledge and experience.

I present to you the ACA’s initial list of goals as “guidelines,” for us to use until such time that an Advisory Board (AB) is created. Once established, the AB can gather more information from our Membership and make adjustments and changes to short- and long-term planning as necessary. Here are the initial goals:


  • Promote an environment of openness and inclusiveness that stimulates the growth of new ideas, innovations, and techniques for canyoneers now and in the future.
  • Open channels of communication with membership via the establishment of an Advisory Board (AB). The AB will be the mechanism by which ACA goals and strategies are managed.
  • Follow up work to standardize techniques and instructional methods used to teach, practice, and experience canyoneering. Reinstate accredited trainers and training centers programs.
  • Honor the ACA’s philanthropic role, nobly performed by Rich Carlson. It is both a privilege and an imperative that we continue the promotion of good will and good and safe canyoneering techniques.
  • Initiate outreach to other canyoneering organizations, coalitions, etc. This is part of our effort to better understand the community, to help us focus the ACA’s role, and to improve effectiveness.


If you are interested in helping the ACA with its mission, please email me directly for more information. Currently we are looking for one Advisory Committee member. We also would like help getting representation for the Colorado/Rockies and the Pacific Northwest regions. If you are interested, let me know! The Committee will be in place shortly and begin organizing our tasks. I will keep everyone posted with developments as things get moving forward.

Safe travels to all,
Rick Green