ACA’s Newest Pro Guide!

Guillaume Coupier

The American Canyoneering Association would like to congratulate Guillaume Coupier for the successful completion of the ACA’s Pro Guide assessment and certification.  He is the owner-operator of a canyoning guide service in Western Canada (gorgeous canyons) and is a respected member of the thriving Canadian canyoneering community.  He arrived exceptionally well prepared, with a focus and professionalism that was immediately apparent.

Guillaume moved through technical skills with a level of expertise that allowed him to solve difficult challenges with ease. He has the ability to assess, adapt and move forward with a grace that comes from hard work and dedicated training in a variety of technical disciplines.  His leadership style is a solid balance of thoughtfulness, empowerment and clear communication.
I appreciate that Guillaume is personally committed to continue advancing the collaboration among the Canadian and American canyoneering communities. These expanded opportunities will help us all grow stronger and safer, together.  His vision for the future is super exciting and the insight he possesses is unique and inspirational.
This is such a fantastic combination of qualities, skills and experience.  It is a real honor having him join our ACA Team.  Thank you for the excellent work Guillaume, and welcome aboard.
*Special thanks to Joe Storms for assistance with this.