Wilderness Navigation Basics

There are many parts to wilderness navigation, but four tools stand out as being the most important. First, a good topographical map. Second, a compass. Third, an altimeter. And fourth a GPS unit. Each of these items is a complex … Read More

Webbing Knotcraft

In this video ACA Instructor, Rich Carlson shows a variety of ways to tie and rig webbing on single-point anchors to address issues that include position, redundancy, strength, efficiency and equalization. Rich also demonstrates three different ways to set up … Read More

Featuring Excursions of Escalante

  ACA certified guide/instructor, Rick Green featured in an episode of KSL Outdoors on June 4th, 2015 “It’s an endless opportunity, and the variety is incredible — an adventure every Utahn should try. Located in the small southern Utah town … Read More